I’ve been looking deep into my past and have been actively changing the habits, that I’ve been taught to cope with in bad events.

As comical as it sounds my coping mechanism is laughter.

It doesn’t even have to be funny, but I’ll laugh anyway. When I was younger I…

I got to admit I really do hate social media but it’s true that it brings in the attention. I’ve been doing photography since 2016. I have a lot of great photo’s I’m proud of but I don’t have a lot of followers. Now why is that? do my photo’s…

Black and White.

Meet at college station.

General Focal Length Range / Aspect ratio

Aspect 4:3 Portrait

I had to shoot very high on ISO to achieve the right amount of light which created noise. Because of the subway maintenance in the city. I lost time were I could have had more light to work with if I could have came earlier.

Have better understanding how much light is available. The left and the right side of the histogram play a big role in black and white photography. Next time experiment with shutter speeds and manipulating the environment around the subject.

Originally published at https://www.myvaphotography.com on October 27, 2019.

The act of doing a favor for someone in “good will” but with an ulterior motive behind it putting the other person in a IOU situation.

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about society and how some people act just to be in good grace with someone. If you are…


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